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Welcome to the new POA website!

We are very grateful to Dr Frederic Diyco, our past president, for ensuring that we have an upgraded official website this year. Knowing how useful online information is to everyone, we will maximize its use!

We expect 2023 to be another banner year for the Philippine Orthopedic Association, and all our activities will be posted here. Announcements on education, research, and services are just some of the postings you will see. 

Clinic information of POA Fellows nationwide in the directory will be constantly updated. The OrthoBalita newsletter and other related news and announcements from government agencies and allied medical associations will be available here as well.

Remember replaces New website for the new year.



This happened June 30, 2023

POA North Mindanao Chapter

Scoliosis Awareness Seminar

Beyond the Bend: Managing Scoliosis for a Lifetime

8th Floor Auditorium, ACEMC - Butuan, Inc.

This happened June 23, 2023

POA North Mindanao Chapter

"Broken Bones... Broken Lives" Osteoporosis and Fragility Fractures Awareness Lecture

This happened June 3-17, 2023

ASEAN Orthopaedic Association Senior Travelling Fellowship (Brunei, Manila, Thailand, Malaysia)