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The POA infuses Research Outputs in its Annual Congress Annually. Researches are classified into the following



  • To encourage investigative work into issues of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal concerns among orthopedic resident physicians.

  • To serve as a venue for resident physicians to update themselves regarding local orthopedic developments.

  • To serve as a venue for orthopedic resident physicians to acquire knowledge about the different aspects and nuances of research work as well as the art, manner and technique of its presentation.



Eligibility of Entries

  • The primary author must be either a resident trainee physician of an accredited orthopedic training program in the Philippines during the time of paper presentation or a graduate from an accredited orthopaedic training program in the previous year (2001 amendment)

  • Research work should have been undertaken by the presenter in his/her training institution while he/she was a resident trainee physician. It can be part of a larger multi-institutional and/or multinational collaborative study in which the presenter was primary representative for his institution.

  • Each training institution or department may submit as many entries as it wishes.  However, only entries endorsed by the chair of the training institution or department will be accepted.

  • Research work that has been presented in an orthopaedic research contest outside of the author’s training institution is disqualified from joining. Work already published (whether in print or as an e-publication) is likewise disqualified.

  • The research work must be original. An original work is defined as a new concept, an innovative procedure, a modification of a known technique, or a trial of a newly introduced concept or technique.

  • The following research designs will not be accepted: case reports, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses.

  • The research committee reserves the right to determine the system of categorization of the papers, the order of presentation, and the number of papers to be presented at each POA Residents’ Research Forum.

  • Research papers not accepted for presentation at the POA Residents’ Research Forum will be included in the Free Paper or Poster Presentation during the Annual POA Convention.

  • Disclosure / Conflict of Interest Statement

  • Each manuscript submitted for presentation should be accompanied by a disclosure from the authors. The statement will have no bearing on the decision by the research committee to include the paper or not in the forum.

  • The statement should indicate whether or not the author or one or more of the authors have received or will be receiving benefits for personal or professional use from a commercial party related directly or indirectly to the subject of the research paper.


Format of Paper Submission

  • The research paper should be submitted in the following format: [Non-compliance may mean technical disqualification]

  • Typed Single Spaced, Times New Roman, Size 10 in an A4 sized bond paper (8.27“x 11.69”)

  • Set Margin size to 0.75” (left, right, top and bottom) and insert pace numbers

  • Five (5) legible, original copies should be submitted, each containing the same graphs, pictures and illustrations.

  • Each copy must be contained in a folder, with all pages fastened or stapled together

  • The paper title, name of the author/s and Institution should be written on a separate A4 paper.

  • The first page of the paper should include only the title followed by the abstract of the study. The author name/sand the institution name/s should not be included on this page nor any other page of the manuscript.

  • Any mention or identifying mark within the manuscript of the author or institution where the research work was undertaken is strictly prohibited.

  • A digital copy of the paper in MSWord format should be sent to the POA Secretariat either by email ( / or through any USB device.

  • The manuscript should be in the following format:

    • 1st page: Title Page (manuscript title only, no author or institution names, centered, Font 14)

    • 2nd page: Abstract (maximum of 300 words) & Keywords

    • Introduction/Objectives

    • Materials and Methods

    • Results

    • Discussion

    • Conclusion

    • References

    • Graphs, tables, etc.

    • Pictures or Illustrations (with corresponding captions and labels)



  • The Research Forum will start on time. Presenters not available during their turn to present will be disqualified from the forum/contest.

  • Each presenter will be given 7 minutes to present their paper. The presenter will be asked to take his/her seat after 7 minutes, whether or not the paper presentation is finished.

  • Three (3) minutes will be allotted for question and answer for each paper. However, the judges may disregard this rule if more time is needed to clarify certain points in the paper. In such a situation, there will be no deduction for any time extension.

  • All presenters will be made co-hosts to be able to share their slides for the presentation.

  • The title slide should contain only the title and the name of the resident-author. The slides must not contain any images or marks that could possibly identify the presenter’s institution.

  • Dress Code preference: Although the presentation is virtual all presentors are required to put on their video and encouraged to dress formally.

  • In case the presentor is unable to present on the day of the forum, he/she must inform the secretariat a month before the forum date. The paper may be presented by another resident who is a co-author of the paper.

Selection of Papers and Judging

  • All decisions are made by the 3 members of the Board of Judges. The decision of the Board is Final.

  • All submitted manuscripts will be screened by the Board and 8 papers chosen for presentation at the Residents’ Research Forum during the POA Annual Convention.  There will be only one Research Forum for the POA and this will be held during the Annual Convention.

  • Manuscripts not chosen for presentation during the Forum will be presented as a poster during the Annual Convention.

  • The rating of papers by the Board of Judges will be based on a standard set of criteria, of which the written paper will be given a maximum of 80 points and the oral presentation, 20 points.


Deadline for Submission of Papers: The deadline for submission of entries of the 5 original copies is 2 months prior to the presentation date.


  • 300 dpi, 1080x1920 pixels

  • .jpg/.pdf file Format

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