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President: Dr Joseph L. Lai
VP: Dr Manolito M. Flavier
Secretary: Dr Ernesto C. Tenorio, Jr
Treasurer: Dr Ma Adelwisa G. Belen
PRO: Dr Frederic Joseph F. Diyco
Ex-Officio: Dr Edwin Jerd T. Siatan


Abellera, Renan B.
Abogado, Anthony C.
Aguilar, Julyn A.
Ah, Pamela Ann C.
Alagar, David L.
Altarejos, Francisco P.
Amador, Alvin A.
Ang, Reynaldo E.
Asuncion, Jerome Anthony S.
Atanacio, Oliver M.
Atupan, Jereme B.
Baclig, Phillipe Y.
Basco, Gualberto T.
Battad, Geoffrey R.
Bengzon, John Andrew Michael A.
Bernal, Ferdinand R.
Bernardo, Peter B.
Borres, Shaun E.
Cabling, Edwin Paul C.
Cabling, Virginia C.
Cadag, Marcelino T.
Caňete, Arturo C.
Carilo, Noel B.
Cayetano, Angel A., Jr.
Celera,  Abundio C., Jr.
Chua, Benjamin U.  
Chua, Domingo A., Jr.
Coruña, Jose Maria R.
De Jesus, Enrico A.
Deiparine, Harem P.
Dela Rosa, Miles Francis T.
Dela Rosa, Tammy L.
Detoyato, Lucille P.
Diaz, Hilario M.
Dimatingkal, Dimarin A.
Dizon, Patrick M.
Dungca, Godofredo V. III
Embay, Selwyn Ian P.
Flordelis, Jose Z.
Gaboya, Niño Josef C.
Garcia, Cesar H.
Garduce, Venancio P., Jr.
Gerochi, Renier D., Jr.
Gerona, Carlos Urbano A., Jr.
Gloria, Noel P.
Gomez, Raymond E.
Ilano, Pablo J. III
Jingco, Jair Kimri P.
Kho, Anthony C.
Kho, Philip Anthony B.
Lasam, Marco Paolo G.
Lavadia, William T.
Leagogo, Liberato Antonio A.
Leung, Jean Pierre F. 
Lim, Vedasto B.
Lipana, Renato D., Jr.
Liwag, Ricardo C.
Lopez, Roberto Gabriel L.
Lumapas, Manuel I.
Macias, Edward Mark L.
Mahusay, Teodoro S.
Mendez, Nathaniel P.
Meriales, Norberto A.
Monicit, Dilbert A.
Montalban, Antonio S., Jr.
Morales, Jeremiah R.
Ong, Jensy S.
Orillaza, Nathaniel S., Jr.
Pacaldo. Teodorico H.
Pacheco, Wilfredo B.
Paggao, James C.
Pailano-Tan, Gladys V.
Pandanan, Joaquin C.
Pandy, Virgilio R.
Paredes, Juan Carlos S.
Pasion, Ellewellyn G.
Pimentel, Justinian Aquilino IV Cyril Ll.
Prudente, Rex D.
Pundavela, Victor Gerardo E.
Puti, Antonio R.
Quiaoit, Peter S.
Quidlat, Adrien R.
Quimpo. Raymundo R.
Racpan, Amando A.
Ramos, Melito Antonio P.
Rebulado, Joseph T.
Reyes, Espiridion R.
Reyes, Leslie M.
Romualdo, Jason E.
Roska, Harris S.
Runas, Renato P.
San Juan, Jose Antonio G.
Sarmen, Frederick G.
Sarrosa, Edward A.
Sinlao, Ray Allen E.
Sison, Manuel Z.
Sumpaico, Carlo Emmanuel J.
Syquia, Jose Fernando C.
Tabu, Irewin A.
Tactay, Antonio T.
Tan, Romeo P.
Tan, Rommel I.
Tanchuling, Antonio N., Jr.
Ticman, Misael Jonathan A.
Toquilar, Anthony M.
Tumaneng, Franklin Delano C.
Tupas, Henry P.
Vigilia, Rudy Q.
Villejo, Roimm P.
Ybañez, Elbert A.

History (2009)

The Philippine Orthopaedic Trauma Society (POTS), the newest orthopedic subspecialty to come to the fore, was formally organized last December 2002 at the 52nd Annual Congress of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association. It started out with sixteen (16) founding members, from which nine were elected to the Board of Trustees. Four officers were also selected, namely:
President Lauro M. Abrahan, Jr., MD
Vice-President Ellewellyn G. Pasion, MD
Secretary Jaime L. Tamayo, MD
Treasurer Reynaldo E. Ang, MD


Board of Trustees:
Mario B. Geronilla, MD
Liberato A.C. Leagogo, MD
William T. Lavadia, MD
George Winston B. Estera, MD
Edwin Jerd T. Siatan, MD

The first inaugural meeting and induction of officers and members were held in Bacolod City last April 26, 2003, which coincided with the 13th Midyear Convention of the POA hosted by the Western Visayas Chapter. The half-day meeting started after the closing ceremonies of the convention at the same venue, the Bacolod City Convention Center. The first part of the program consisted of a scientific meeting where Dr. Joseph Lai gave a talk on the .Multiply Injured Child (orthopedic perspective) ... This was followed by a lecture overview by Dr. Julyn Aguilar regarding Current Management Options for Femoral Shaft Fractures in Children. Several cases were presented, which were treated with different management options such as closed reduction and immediate spica casting, open reduction and internal fixation using plates, closed/open intramedullary nailing, and external fixation. The first scientific meeting was attended by 52 fellows and residents, a big turnout despite being held after the closing ceremonies of the POA midyear meeting. The second part of the program was the induction of
officers and members, with Dr. Arturo Cañete as inducting officer for the Board of Trustees and Dr. Abrahan for the members. In addition, the constitution and bylaws of the society were also ratified by the general membership. The first annual business meeting followed, and the event was capped by a garden cocktail sponsored by MSD.

The Philippine Orthopaedic Trauma Society, as the ninth and youngest society of the POA envisions improved delivery of orthopedic trauma care nationwide through its tie-ups with the POA, Trauma Committee of the PCS, and the Philippine Society for the Surgery of Trauma. It will also be actively involved with the POA Trauma Registry and the continuing medical education programs, primarily through research and scientific meetings geared towards excellent orthopedic trauma care in the country.

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