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POA Central Eastern Visayas Chapter



President: Dr Jonathan Carlo F. Cortes
VP: Dr Eric Astelo O. Belarmino
Sec/Treas: Dr Jonathan O. Flordelis
Ex-officio: Dr Pierre M. Mella


Akol, Judith Valerie M.
Alvarez, Patrick Ian R.
Arenajo, Camilo B.
Arong, Alwen M.
Baclayon, Jimi C.
Baclig, Philippe Y.
Balano, Allan Thomas A.
Barlaan, Philip Ian G.
Belarmino, Eric Astelo O.
Boyles, Murphy E.
Buot, Ferdinand G.
Caalim, Alden Florencio G.
Caboboy, Francisco P., Jr.
Chan, Mario L.
Cobarde, Roel S.
Condor, Richard V.
Cortes, Jonathan Carlo F.
Dela Calzada, Wilson C.
Dimaano, Henry David N.
Durban-Mella, Claire Marie C.
Exaltacion, Jesse James F.
Fanlo, Carlos Luis G., Jr.
Fernandez, Mark Angelo P.
Flordelis, Jonathan O.
Flordelis, Jose Z.
Fookson, Thyam T.
Gatchalian, Jaime L., Jr.
Gerona, Carlos Urbano, A., Jr.
Gines, Emmanuel F.
Go, Miguel C.
Gomez, Raymond E.
Handog, Precious Grace B.
Ilano, Pablo J. III
Jiao, Leopoldo J. III
Kho, Julius I.
Labine, Arvin G.
Lim, Kirby O.
Lumapas, Manuel I.
Morales, Agustin Miguel G.
Ong, Oliver Y.
Plateros, Zandro
Roska, Harris S.
San Juan, Jose Antonio G.
Uy, Robinson T.
Vicuña, Felix J., Jr.
Vizcayno, Janos B.
Yap, Kenneth Alexis M.
Yu, Geronimo D. III


History (2009)

The Oldest Regional Chapter of the Philippine Orthopedic Association is the Visayas Chapter. It was conceived in 1984, through the initiative and headwork of Dr. Jose Z. Flordelis, in cooperation with the local practicing orthopedic surgeons in Cebu City. The pioneering members were Dr. Merito Yuviengco, Dr. Felix Vicuna, Dr. Onie Macabenta, Dr. Fidencio Panares, Dr. Venus Barte, Dr. Alex Mediano, and Dr. Harris Roska.

The creation of local or regional chapters was not part of the provisions in the original POA constitution until it was first revised in the 1994 constitutional Convention. This limitation did not prevent the Visayas Chapter from achieving its goals, by creating regular monthly meetings, Journal presentations, lectures, exchange of ideas, consensus, and solutions for difficult cases, as well as outreach and Charity programs, to generate camaraderie among members. These activities were noted and recognized by the Philippine Orthopedic Association. In a short span of time, after the Visayas Chapter was established, it has extended the invitations to the orthopods of the neighboring Visayas provinces, to actively participate in the monthly chapter meetings.

To name a few orthopedic surgeons involved were Dr. Romulo San Gabriel from Tacloban City, Dr. Anthony Kho of Bacolod City, Dr. Ramon Cejar and Dr. Benjie Legada of Iloilo City, Dr. Danilo Oligario of Dumaguete City and even Dr. Randy Ty from Cagayan de Oro City. Since then the venue of the monthly meetings was rotated to the different Cities in the Visayas with the local surgeons serving as the host.

One of the highlights of the Chapter's history was its active involvement when the POA hosted the Joint meeting of the Philippine Orthopedic Association and the _th ASEAN Orthopedic Association Convention, held at then the Cebu Plaza Hotel in Cebu City in 1992, with Dr. Andres Borromeo as the POA National President. The Chapter had also hosted several POA midyear Conventions in cooperation with POA and these were held in Bacolod, Bohol, Cebu, and Iloilo City.

Based on the revised constitution, the original chapters established and recognized by the POA were the NCR Chapter, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao Chapters. The past presidents of the Visayas Chapter were Dr. Jose Z. Flordelis (founding president), Dr. Fidencio M. Pañares and Dr. Danilo P. Olegario, when the Western Visayas Chapter was formed. The Visayas Chapter has to adapt a new name of CENTRAL-EASTERN VISAYAS (CEV) Chapter, with Dr Pablo Ilano III, Dr. Jose Antonio San Juan as past presidents. 

Under the present leadership of Dr. Richard V. Condor, the POA CEV Chapter has put its efforts into continuing the tradition, that the pioneers of the Chapter had established. More cooperation and active community-based activity involvement is encouraged such as tree planting, lay fora for cancer patients, Awareness on osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, road traffic accident safety, and sports injury prevention. The POA –CEV Chapter shall continue to be a dynamic organization of excellence and professionalism in the POA and in the community.

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