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POA Western Visayas Chapter



President: Dr Jair Kimri P. Jingco
VP: Dr Wilangelo V. Mana-ay
Secretary: Dr Gladys V. Pailano-Tan
Treasurer: Dr Abraham L. Saad
Asst Treasurer: Dr Jan Melburgo S. Chiu
Ex-officio: Dr Raymundo R. Quimpo


Apla-On, Daryl M.
Borres, Shaun E.
Cañonero, Raoul R.
Casamayor, Christian N.  
Chiu, Jan Melburgo S.
Cocjin, Hansel Gould B.
Coruña, Jose Maria R.
Coruña, Juan Agustin D. IV
Cuenca, Cesar S., Jr.
De Asis, Manuel B.
Escanillas, Roel A.
Gerochi, Renier D., Jr.
Jaen, Marcelo N.
Kho, Anthony C.
Kho, Phillip Anthony B.
Legada, Benjamin D., Jr.
Olegario, Danilo V.
Pacaldo, Teodorico H.
Pailano-Tan, Gladys V.
Panerio, Douglas P.
Payba, Ronnie B.
Saad, Abraham L. 
Sanchez, John Paolo J.
Soriaso, Mylo N.
Tenefrancia, Gil G., Jr.
Tiongson, Rolando V. 
Trojillo, Marife M.
Troncillo, Arlan H.
Tumaneng, Franklin Delano C.
Tupas, Henry P.
Valenzuela, Julius N.


History (2009)

The constituents of the POA Western Visayas (POA WV) Chapter were formerly part of the aggregated POA Visayas Chapter back in 1984. It was organized to promote camaraderie among the orthopaedic surgeons in the region and foster academic interactions, and outreach programs. As the number of practicing orthopods increased in the western part of the Visayan Islands; namely Panay & Negros Occidental, the POA WV was established and formally recognized as the fifth chapter by the mother organization on March 27, 2001, under Dr. Lauro
Abrahan. The chapter was organized to answer to the needs of orthopaedic surgeons in the region and the fulfillment of the long dream to prim this very cohesive group who share the same vision in uplifting the practice of Orthopaedics. It was also through Dr. Marcelo Jaen, then a representative member of the POA Board of Trustees, that the WV cluster eventually became a fundamental chapter.

The first inducted president of the chapter was Dr. Jose Maria Coruña. At this time, there were already three accredited orthopaedic training institutions, viz.: the Western Visayas Medical Center (1987) & the West Visayas State University Medical Center (1994) in Iloilo City; and the Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (1998) in Bacolod City. There were joint conferences and journal clubs held on a monthly basis as accrued by these institutions. It was in effect, a consortium. The official chapter logo was conceptualized by Dr. Coruña, with a squared text outline signifying equality and just conduct, inside, a silhouette of the neighboring (western) Visayas islands bonded by a fixator, with the acronym of POA WV written in ancient Baybayin (Visaya variant) script

Quarterly meetings were conducted alternately within the four key provinces (i.e. Iloilo, Negros Occidental, Capiz & Aklan) along with guest lecturers who are experts in a particular field. The torch of leadership was passed on to Dr. Manuel de Asis in 2002, who served as the second president-elect. It was during the term of Dr. Anthony Kho when the constitution of the chapter was duly ratified in 2003. It was also at this time when the 14th POA Midyear Convention was hosted by the chapter in Bacolod City. The convention will always be remembered for the fun, the food, and the hospitality of the Bacoleños.

In 2004, Dr. Marcelo Jaen succeeded as the fourth chapter president with the hope to strengthen the research program of the three training centers. Hence, an orthopedic resident research forum was formally initiated.

Dr. Mariano Villarosa’s term the next year (2005) was characterized by high-yield investments of the chapter funds as approved by the body. Dr. Rolando Tiongson (2006) continually kept its
members abreast with new trends in the specialty. Dr. Ceasar Gustilo’s term was cut short late in 2007 due to his untimely demise from lung cancer. Accordingly, the incumbent vice-president, Dr. Ronnie Payba, took over the leadership and assumed chair up to the present. The chapter lately hosted the 20th POA (2009) Midyear Convention with colors. It was the first
orthopaedic convention held in Boracay Island, Aklan, albeit funding impediments. The chapter recently assimilated two fellows practicing in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental and were duly inducted as members.

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