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Computed Tomographic Measurements of Thoracic Pedicle in Filipino Patients

Billy Francis Y. Hung, MD; Paolo Antonio F. Castro, MD, FPOA


2022 June

Computed Tomographic Measurements of Thoracic Pedicle in Filipino Patients

Background: Knowledge of the morphometric measurements of Filipino thoracic spine pedicles would help the surgeons in determining the proper size and increase accuracy of pedicle screws placement during surgery to avoid complications. 

Objective: This study aims to measure the outer diameter, chord length and transverse angulation of the thoracic spine pedicles (T1-T12).

Methods: A retrospective analysis of patients ages 18-85 years who underwent CT scan of the thoracic spine from January to December 2019. A total of 65 patients were included in the study. Pedicle morphology was measured with the following parameters: transverse outer pedicle diameter, pedicle chord length, and transverse pedicle angle.

Results: TOPD was narrowest at the level of T4 (4.2 ± 1.0mm) followed by T5 (4.6 ± 1.0mm) and the largest TOPD at the level of T12 (8.7 ± 2.1mm). The largest PCL was at the level T12 (47.7 ± 4.6mm) and the shortest was at T2 (35.6 ± 3.7mm). The mean TPA largest at the level of T1 (35.8 ± 6.1mm) and progressively decreasing and slight increase at the level of T12 (6.3 ± 3.5mm). Men have larger pedicles as compared with women.

Conclusion: It is recommended to use 4.5mm pedicle screw however it should be used with extra caution especially at mid thoracic level and among female patients.

Keywords: Thoracic Pedicle, Pedicle Morphology, Pedicle Diameter, Pedicle Length, Pedicle Angle, Pedicle Screw

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